2020, you have to understand the mobile application development trend


In today’s Internet trend, only have a mobile device, the development of mobile applications has gradually diversified and mixed, and the popular application of the flourishing in 2019, it may not be so moving in 2020. If you just have to master the correct mobile application development strategy, you don’t guarantee the success of your mobile app, you need to know more about the latest mobile application development trend. So what regardless of the aspects need to understand and pay attention?

This article will explain some technical dynamics that need to be concerned, only for the development direction of our reference for future mobile applications, these technologies help developers’ future promotion and salary, I hope everyone will look carefully.

Firstly, an development of Net Solutions is quoted, describing the development of mobile applications, can see that the development of mobile applications has experienced five phases. They are: mobile website, native app, mobile web app, hybrid app, and micro apps.

Today, mobile is fundamentally changing commercial models, operational models and markets at fundamentality at the amazing speed. By 2021, mobile app market income is expected to reach $ 693 billion. However, according to the previous prediction of Gartner, 9,999 failures in 10,000 mobile applications.

So what regardless of the aspects need to understand and pay attention? Net Solutions accumulates and analyzes multi-year data samples, providing us with a complete report, only for us to refer to the development direction of future mobile applications. Probably divided into the following parts, please see the specific introduction:

1. Building a foldable application

As Samsung launches foldable OLED display, Google is ready to use this technology on the Android system to enhance the experience of smartphones. Google officially announced the foldable support for Android phones through the API of its “Screen Continuity” in 2018.

According to Samsung, hundreds of popular Android applications have been optimized for Galaxy Fold, including Amazon Prime Video, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, VSCO, and Microsoft Office.

Since the “foldable mobile phone” will become the next epidemic trend of 2020, developers need to develop a development strategy for mobile applications that can be seamless on foldable devices. Foldable equipment can provide a larger screen, but also a larger screen means more spaces provide a detailed immersion experience, then use multi-window, users can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Video and game applications can provide additional space and shocking visual enjoyment, or use additional space by simply increasing the screen size. Or use additional space to provide additional information and controls.

2. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Everyone knows the famous mobile app FaceApp, because it is famous for the name of artificial intelligence (AI) overnight. It adds a filter to the user’s photo to show their young and old age. As of October 2019, the total revenue of this application is $ 1 million.

In the past few years, AI and ML have always been trend technology.

Recently, popular mobile applications such as Replika, Cortana and Google Assistant have further studied in this field to see a first line. In fact, when depth learning with ML, it can create miracles by providing valuable data and real-time analysis to mobile application development projects.

In fact, Apple launched Core ML 3 according to WWDC 2019, which is the latest version of a machine learning model framework for helping iOS developers embed AI intelligently embed their applications. Therefore, the future machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) is worth more to study and appropriately understand its functions and many components for more business scenarios.

3. The rise of chat robots

More than 50% of buyers want to use more DIY custom service tools to speed up online purchases. The chat robot is a perfect way to expand this type of customer relationship management.

As of now, there are about 2.5 million applications in the Google Play store, and there are about 1.8 million applications in the Apple App Store. However, you will be surprised to find that only a few applications have deployed chat robots to facilitate better UI / UX services. Starbucks are one of them. They released a application called “My Starbucks Barista”, as long as you tell the application you need some coffee, then the app can automatically order you.

It is estimated that at the end of 2020, 80% of companies will use chat robots, and users will find the answer quickly and accurately, which is the true business opportunity to integrate chat robots to your mobile app. 2020, the integration of chat robots and mobile applications will develop from the initial basis to a fierce level. 4. Dressing application

Can wear technology is gradually developing globally. According to Statista’s data, the number of wearable devices connected in 2017 reached 453 million, and it is expected to reach 929 million in 2021. With the advancement of technology, we can expect wearable applications to become an important part of our daily life.

Apple recently announced its Watchos update at the WWDC meeting. Apple Watch Applications will no longer need to match the iOS app and will have its own App Store. This obviously marks the rise of wearable technology. The Apple has upgraded the Apple Watch’s body to the user’s independent device that the Apple Watch’s body is available for applications running independently of the iPhone.

In other words, applications developers and companies should be prepared to provide an excellent digital experience for users on Apple Watch, thus having a significant advantage over those users who do not use these applications.

5. Enable the mobile app of the Internet of Things

Interconnected smart gadget networks are called an Internet of Things. And in 2019, Amazon and Google and other brands have taken advantage of this technology and launched the “Echo” series of equipment and Google Home Voice Controller, thereby enhancing the competition of IoT.

In addition, Google acquires FITBIT in $ 2.1 billion, and cooperates with the home security camera manufacturer Nest, which is rapid use of Internet of Things.

With the increase in Internet Gadgets and System Demand, the demand for applications with IoT function will also increase. Continuous supply chains in retail, smart home and savvy health insurance plans have become a reality and is a future development direction.

6. Enhance Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

A classic case for earlier use of AR technology is “Pok¬®¬¶mongo”, such as: one of the elves inside may be the temporary storm in the eastern coastal area.

Ar and VR technologies are not only used in high quality gaming applications, but also widely used in other business scenarios.

Technical giants such as Apple and Google have been using AR innovation a large number of new use cases. For example, Google is about to introduce a new AR feature to Google Maps, which will display the route boot instructions in real time to help identify the route and orientation. In 2020, AR integration will become an essential mobile application development trend, which will create a mobile industry by creating a seamless experience for users.

7. Mobile wallet

Given the popularity of smartphones, mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet will certainly develop in the future, and future demand for mobile wallet applications will increase. At the same time, Samsung, Apple and Google and other big brands are using mobile wallets to provide users with secure and convenient currency transactions and bill payment platforms. If they are predicted from domestic situations, the future mobile wallet is likely to be piloted by Ali and Tencent. And occupy a considerable market. But I have to say that the future mobile wallet function is a good development space.

8. Mobile application security cause more attention

In 2018, the Facebook stock price fell 8.5% due to the discovery with Cambridge Analytica involving user data leaks. Then #deletefacebook movement, even get support for WhatsApp founder Brian Acton. Later, there was also a hacker scandal event, etc. After such incidents, companies will perform more data protection and information privacy management in seeking network security.

The most mindful people in the industry will have to increase bets to eliminate uncertainty surrounding mobile applications. Even Apple (Apple) announced in WWDC 2019, also tried to solve security issues by introducing a new feature called “Log in to” with Apple. The purpose of introducing this feature is to combat illegal data sharing during the application login.

In 2020, the mobile application development industry will develop in the direction of safety, thus laid a blueprint for a steady DevOps strategy.

9.Beacons (beacon) technology

The Beacons (Begmark) technology has existed for a while, 2020, it will be more powerful. Notices based on beacon are increasingly helping many companies and industries to contact our customers in a highly associated manner.

The following figure shows the entire process of the beacon technology:

You can see it in more situations: Enable the beacon airport, mobile payment beacons, automatic personal beacons, etc. The use of beacon technology can help make virtual tour more personalized, and information sharing is smoother and safe. 10. Instant Application (Instabt APP)

2016 witnessed the birth of instant applications (Instabt App). The volume of instant mobile applications is smaller than ordinary applications, user friendly and very convenient, because they can be used without downloading.

Here are some applications that use instant applications:

Instant applications are not only popular in the user, but also popular in iOS and Android developers because they can help them achieve higher conversion compared to conventional mobile applications. As users continue to make better user experience and shorter loading time, eliminate the waiting time required to install, instant applications will be a popular development trend in 2020.

11. Cloud Storage Development

In the UK, 54% of companies continue to run the project without cloud-based solutions, so cloud architecture is still considered a future trend.

Cloud technology plays an important role in building Android instant applications. In addition, iOS devices use a cloud database in some applications. Cloud computing integration can help mobile applications effectively store large amounts of data and perform complex tasks, while cost effectiveness and additional security. Simplified operation, reduced hosted cost, better storage and load capacity, and increased user retention rates, are several advantages in the development of mobile applications on the cloud.

12. Cross-platform development

More and more commercial applications are elegant and developed, and the development of cross-platform technology has only increased, especially in recent years, we can see the rapid development of cross-platform technology. Flutter in 2019 is a biggest highlight. This is a new cross-platform technology launched by Google. There are already many big plants to start using Flutter for application development. Other companies are also beginning to develop Flutter. In 2019, the red fire Flutter is still the same in 2020. Flutter is currently available for Android, iOS, and Web (Beta). I believe that there will be official version in 2020, and you can use Flutter to develop three platforms. As for Desktop, it is only a preview, and it is only Mac OS to be used. Other desktop versions have not yet. 2020 Valley Development New System Fuchsia is about to launch a formal version, and FLUTTER is more hot as a tool to write UI, will be more hot. It is worth looking forward to it.

There are already countless mobile applications that Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store, and Amazon App Store already exists. With the development of all of these mobile applications, the mobile application industry will continue to develop rapidly.

Therefore, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and technologies for Android programmers.

Emerging mobile app platform development technology, growing backend platforms and micro services, plus new hardware features, will continue to lead the development of mobile applications, will further promote “big front end”.

In the moment, some have been influenced by the epidemic, some have already opened “office” state, and there are still many ways to don’t do it.

Improve technology can get good time to send time and grow up and very much satisfaction.