iOS 11.2 will open free trial application

On November 7th, everyone knows that in Windows App Mall, developers can provide free trials for their paid applications. During the free trial, the user can experience some or complete application functions. After the trial end, I decided to buy enough, and the experience is relatively good.

In Apple App Store, it is basically a way cut, or free, or pay, or it is the application subscription payment. However, this will change in IOS 11.2.

Apple pushed the IOS 11.2 Beta 2 version in the early morning of the developer today. In the release notes, Apple mentioned an instructions for automatic update subscription prices:

Soon, you will be able to provide discounts for the discount of discounts on the APS. iOS 11.2 introduces new classes (SkProductDiscount and SkProductSubscriptionProductDiscount and SkProductSubscriptionProduct (SubscriptionperIod, and IntroductoryPrice) to provide details about the introductory pricing and settlement cycle for automatic update subscription selections. You can use these new APIs to localize and display information about interviewability pricing. You will be able to purchase the configuration introductory pricing on the page within the application in iTunes Connect.

That is to say that developers can provide free trial versions for users, and this change will introduce options for providing price cuts for new subscriptions for a certain period of time.

In addition, iOS 11.2 Beta 2 does not bring new functional updates, more of performance improvement and bug fixes.