Remove the iOS navigation bar to return button text three programs

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Option One

Custom UinaVigationController compliance “ `agreement implementation below:

#pragmamark ——— UINavigationBarDelegate- (BOOL) navigationBar: (UINavigationBar *) navigationBarshouldPushItem: (UINavigationItem *) item {// returns the button text is provided the navigation UIBarButtonItem * back = [[UIBarButtonItemalloc] initWithTitle: nilstyle: UIBarButtonItemStylePlaintarget: nilaction: nil]; / * NSMutableDictionary * textAttrs = [NSMutableDictionarydictionary]; textAttrs [UITextAttributeTextColor] = [UIColorwhiteColor]; [backsetTitleTextAttributes: textAttrsforState: UIControlStateNormal]; * / item.backBarButtonItem = back; returnYES;}

Note: This method will have a bug that appears in the back button text of the part sub-controller page, and you need to return the button again as above the parent controller of its sub-controller page.

Parent controller pages the sub-controller #pragmamark ——– lifecycle methods – (void) viewDidLoad {[superviewDidLoad]; // Doanyadditionalsetupafterloadingtheview.self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColorwhiteColor]; // reset subordinate Subpage Navigation Bar Back Button Text UibarbuttonItem * Item = [[UibarButtonItemalloc] ITWITHTITE: NILSTYLE: UIBARBARBUTTONITELEPLAINTARGET: NILACTION: NIL]; self.naVigationItem.BackBarButtonItem = item;}

Option II

Custom UINAVIGATIONCONTROLLER Follow Protocol uinavigationBardLegate> implementation following:

#pragmamark ——- uinavigationBardLegate- (bool) NavigationBar: (uinavigation bar *) NavigationBarshouldPushitem: (uinavigationItem *) Item {// Setting the navigation bar Return button text is transparent, may cause the navigation title to not hit the problem [[UIBarButtonItemappearance] setTitleTextAttributes: @ {NSForegroundColorAttributeName: [UIColorclearColor]} forState: UIControlStateNormal]; [[UIBarButtonItemappearance] setTitleTextAttributes: @ {NSForegroundColorAttributeName: [UIColorclearColor]} forState: UIControlStateHighlighted]; returnYES;}

Plan three (recommended)

Add a category to the UIViewController (here you don’t need to import them directly) and then replace the exchange viewdidAppear method with the Method Swzilling method in the Load method, the code is as follows: