XWAYLAND Adds support for touchpad gestures

Developers Povilas Kanapickas implements support for touchpad gestures in the xwayland code in the Xserver Git Tree. Povilas said that this move is relatively simple because Wayland and Xorg use libinput semantics to implement touchpad gestures. “

According to the introduction, Xwayland has developed more and better; especially in the needs of the game players, they only need to run the game that lacks native Wayland support with extremely fast speed. But when it comes to other usage, there will be some gaps and shortcomings than the traditional X.org server.

The latest example is the function of the touchpad gesture processing, but now, Povilas has also used less than three hundred lines of code to implement the touchpad gesture; from x INPUT to Pointer-Gestures-UnStable-V1 using Wayland The agreement is used on a supported Wayland synthesizer. And this support content or will be part of the first XWAYLAND independent update in 2022.

In addition, the XServer Git also released a patch around EGLSTREAM to facilitate NVIDIA Linux users. This will improve the behavior of users who use the NVIDI-driven stack in the latest 495 series; the series adds support for GBM, but other components are not newly unable to provide a good Ying Weida GBM synthesis experience.

And some xwayland repair, this is also the number of X.org server source trees, and one of several areas of the active development can still be seen (also Glamor and XF86-Video-Modsetting).

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